Top London Attractions You Must See in London

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London attractions

Top London Attractions You Must See in London

There are a lot of London attractions to see and enjoy. If you like to travel, you must take a trip to London. It’s one of the most crowded cities in the world. All tourists like to visit this part of England because of its history, culture and diversity.

You can visit London as a tourist and never feel a thing. You can take a trip and explore all its famous sites without any hassles. Here are some of the London attractions, which are widely popular among the tourists. Most of these attractions are very easy to reach and do not require much efforts to reach.

London Bridge is a prominent sightseeing spot in London. The structure is a time-tested example of how a bridge should be built. It is made up of columns and arches. The beautiful view of the river Thames is why it is considered to be one of the top London attractions.

St Paul’s Cathedral is a great national monument in London. A visit to this cathedral will make you stop and listen to the singing voices of millions of people. The upper story of the cathedral is the oldest in Europe. This particular story of the Cathedral is believed to be the first English story written down.

The life-size cast sculpture by Gustave Moreau is a true masterpiece. It is a work of art with a historical background. The sculpture is currently on display at the Museum of London. It is situated in the room of Great Person.

Westminster Abbey is the most important site in London. A visit to this sanctuary is a lifetime experience. Westminster Abbey is a major landmark of London. The location of the church has a medieval structure and extensive gardens. Here you can get the best tours of the area.

The Big Ben is one of the best London attractions. The Big Ben is actually a bell with a central tower. It is made out of gold and is the most well-known London landmark. An entire tour can be taken in front of this landmark.

Buckingham Palace is one of the most visited London attractions. It is a royal palace and home of the Queen. An entire tour can be taken here and the rooms can be explored as well.

Buckingham Palace is the most visited London attraction. There are many visitors to this palace on a regular basis. The rooms are quite spacious and well furnished. The Big Ben is also situated in this palace.

The London Zoo is an amazing zoo in London. It is a unique sight seeing attraction. There are a lot of species of animals that live in this zoo.

Westminster Abbey is the biggest attraction in London. It is also known as the heart of England. The Abbey itself is one of the most popular London attractions. The garden and the arches are greatly admired by the tourists.

There are other London attractions that are equally popular among the tourists. If you plan to visit London, you must choose the right London airport. The various London attractions can be found in Gatwick Airport.


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