The Great Tower of London

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Even with the increase in the number of people moving to London every year, it still seems to be one of the most affordable cities to live in. The London Eye is one of the few things that can definitely make this claim true. There are other tourist attractions but nothing as cool as the London Eye.

London eye

The London Eye is the world’s first ever glass-bottomed suspension bridge and is also the largest man-made structure of its kind. Since its construction, it has also changed the face of London forever.

In order to build the Eye, several bridges were sunk, underground channels constructed and a tower was built atop the rubble and limestone foundations of the original bridges. After the construction of the tower, the great chimney which eventually became the Eye’s top was created, and then a huge platform was built upon this.

Over the years, several other important parts of the building have been made, but the top was never done in any great lengths. Therefore, one of the most famous parts of the Eye, the tower itself is the main attraction for any visitor to London.

The tower’s design is inspired by a renowned English Tower, the tallest of its kind in the world. Originally, the tower’s design looked very similar to the famed Tower of London.

It took ten years for a thorough restoration to be completed on the London Eye. Although much of the building is the same as the original, the height of the Tower was removed, creating a narrower and taller structure.

Additionally, a huge moat and tower arch were added to the top of the tower. This is one of the coolest and most unique parts of the Eye, even more so because it is not in use.

The biggest difference between the original shape and the new one is that the bottom half of the Tower is no longer a huge moat and a huge structure, but now a series of arches is designed around a central spire. This is where the great windows that visitors to the Tower will see were originally located.

When looking at the famous Tower of London, the Eye will come to mind. This is because the Eye will also serve as a replica of the famous London landmark, although the London Eye will likely be less crowded than the Tower, as tourists are more attracted to the smaller scale version.

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London is a city that has been described as being the heart of the UK. With the Eye, it can really make an impressive statement.


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