The Different Pros And Cons To Using Airport Transfer Services

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The Different Pros And Cons To Using Airport Transfer Services

Travelling can be a stressful time regardless of whether you are travelling via road, train or air. To reduce levels of anxiety and remain calm during one’s travels, it is essential that the mode of transportation is not only safe but also reliable. While people may plan their travelling to the tee, it is possible to miss your flight or train because of poor taxi services being delayed by traffic or other reasons. To avoid this issue, it is recommended that one use airport transfer services and guarantee arrival at the airport.

Unfortunately, transfer services are not infallible and there are several drawbacks to these companies in addition to the benefits. This article will provide information on both the pros and cons of using airport transfer services.

What Are The Different Benefits To Using Airport Transfer Services?

1. Increased Convenience And Comfort

Unlike traditional taxi services where a person will need to direct the taxi drive to and from the different terminals, an airport transportation shuttle drive will know their way around the airport. This means they have a working knowledge of the terminals and can transport you to the correct destination; thereby, making the transport very convenient for the traveller.

Furthermore, airport shuttles are often spacious and comfortable because of the extra room allocated to luggage. Taxis, however, do not have this option and many people will need to squeeze into the back seat with any extra luggage that does not fit into the boot of the car.

2. Cost-Effective

While driving yourself to the airport may seem to be cost-effective, it can be more costly than using a taxi. This act will incur additional costs including fuel and parking fees making the tasks more expensive. Moreover, if you opt for taxis where the drivers charge a fee based on the time taken to travel instead of the distance, you may find yourself paying more should you become caught in traffic. Airport transportation rarely charges this type of fee opting for fixed rates; therefore, there are no hidden costs for being stuck in traffic or parking fees.

It should also be noted that airport shuttle agencies offer transportation discounts using coupons. It is recommended that you inquire about this as it could reduce the cost when travelling to or from the airport.

What Are The Disadvantages To Using Airport Transfer Services?

1. A Longer Duration Of Travel

While airport transfer services can ensure a suitable arrival time at the airport, the duration of the trip to the airport is typically much longer than taking a taxi. The trip is longer as shuttle services will combine several travellers into a single shuttle; therefore, the shuttle will need to make several stops before reaching the airport.

2. Not Suitable For Sudden Trips

Unlike a taxi, the airport transfer service requires booking in advance and is not suitable if you are flying on the same day. Taking this into account, if you have an unexpected flight it may not be possible to hire an airport shuttle service.

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