London Tourism Tips – Enjoy London’s Best London Tourist Attractions

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London attractions

London Tourism Tips – Enjoy London’s Best London Tourist Attractions

London attractions are everywhere, but London is known as the world’s largest city because of its multi-cultural makeup, a legacy of its ancient and exciting past. London, the UK’s capital and a world-stage, is now a modern metropolitan city with extensive historic past and thriving present. In its center lay the towering London bridge, the world’s tallest manmade structure, where one can marvel at the spectacular skyline and see the London Eye observatory. Across the Thames River from London stands the London Heathrow airport, home to some of London’s busiest international airports.

London is also a melting pot of culture and history. At its heart stand two iconic skyscrapers: the iconic Big Ben, with its clock tower at its peak, and Westminster Abbey, an equally iconic monument. Just a stones throw away is London’s iconic Buckingham Palace, where former Prime Minister, John Major and his wife, Clementine, entertained dignitaries and heads of states during their rule over the British Empire. The Tower of London, one of London’s most famous attractions, offers visitors a peek into the ancient past of the city and a glimpse into its dark and brooding past. London’s South Bank boasts many famous landmarks, including the London Eye, London’s most famous double-decker attraction and the Bank of London, which were the first financial center in the world. London’s West End is teeming with theater, concert pavilions and performance spaces, while Covent Garden and Knightsbridge offer a wide range of upscale shopping and nightlife experiences.

London attractions are also dotted throughout the city, with a multitude of parks, museums and galleries, visitor centers and hotels. London is an eclectic blend of cultures and history, with countless pubs, restaurants, theatres and galleries dotted throughout the city and its suburbs. Some of London’s most popular tourist attractions include the London Eye, Tate Modern, National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, London Zoo, London Tower, Buckingham Palace and London Eiffel Tower, which collectively offer a never-ending array of experiences, sights and sounds.

London attractions are concentrated in and around central London, but the city has a lot to offer outside the city center as well. London’s West End is home to many popular pubs and bars, as well as a host of top arts and craft museums. In the west are some of London’s most historic areas, including Old Compton Street, Golden Square, Cheapside and Finsbury Park. Also in this part of town are some of London’s most beautiful gardens and parks, including Hyde Park and the Royal Botanic Gardens, which overlook London’s Kensington Gardens. A London vacation is truly an adventure, especially when it involves exploring London’s exciting Little Italy and Tulse Hill.

London attractions must be seen in all of London’s boroughs, which are London’s historic districts that were created after the Norman conquest. They are Bakers Street, Clapham Common, Little Venice, Piccadilly Circus, Southhall, Sloane Square, etc. And what’s better than these famous districts with their buzzing nightlife and fascinating shopping spots? What better way to experience London than to shop in one of its many central London destinations such as Clapham Common or Southhall.

The London Tower, better known as the Millennium Wheel, is London’s tallest free-standing building and also one of its most famous tourist attractions. If you love tall buildings, then the London Tower will surely be a favorite, especially if it’s in London’s history, such as during the Great London Fire. Besides the London Tower, the Buckingham Palace, a Georgian style official residence, and The British Museum, also located in London, make great attractions on London tours.

London attractions can also be explored using London’s comprehensive transport system which includes the London Underground, London bus routes, London taxi services, and the London Metros. London’s public transportation is the London buses which serve both the city’s tourists who want to get tours around London and residents who need to travel to other parts of London frequently. To get directions to various London attractions, visit a London attractions web site. London is definitely one of the world’s most visited cities, so a comprehensive London attractions web site should be used to plan any trip to London.

Besides London attractions, there are numerous other things to do in London. You can visit London attractions just by hopping on one of the city’s taxis. These taxis are often privately owned and you can request for a customised chauffeur to take you around London to all the major sights. You can also hop into one of London’s double-decker buses, known as the “metro buses,” which are able to easily carry more people than any other vehicle in London. London’s underground stations are also very popular among tourists because they offer amazing views of the city and are great for taking photos. If you visit London soon, you should definitely include this awesome city in your list of London tourist attractions.


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