London Attractions Will Leaves You Spell Bound

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London attractions

London Attractions Will Leaves You Spell Bound

London attractions are some of the world’s best and most famous sights. Some of these London attractions include London’s Big Ben, the London bridge, the London tower bridge, the London Eye, the London bus station, the London underground system, the London bus schedule, etc. The London eye is a floating observation wheel on the banks of the river Thames at London. It is Europe’s largest floating point-top observation wheel, and the second most popular paid visitor attraction in the United Kingdom having over three million visitors a year. The London eye was constructed by the Deckard brothers in 1870.

London attractions are aplenty and London tourism is one of the busiest tourist destinations in the world. London is home to many famous landmarks that are a must visit if you are visiting London for the first time. Topping the list is the London eye which is definitely something you to just take a look and experience. London’s West End is jam packed with amazing restaurants, bars, pubs, and discos that are a definite must see while in London. So it would definitely be a good idea to plan your London trip well in advance as this is the best time to get a good deal on tickets and cheap rates.

London attractions are very photogenic and London offers a wide variety of sights for everyone to view. There are beautiful gardens in London that offer soothing relief from the hustle bustle of the city streets. The Kensington Garden, St. James’ Park, Hyde Park and Victoria, among others are very popular among London tourists. You can also visit the London Zoo, the London aquarium, the Natural History Museum, the National Gallery, the London tower, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the London bridge, and many more.

London’s history dates back to the beginning of the second millennium B.C. This is also the age of London city gates, one of the oldest known landmarks of London. There are several historical landmarks in London where one can take a glimpse into the past of London and its rulers. Other than London city gates, London has other great monuments like the Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Bridge, and several others. There are also several museums in London that provide comprehensive information about London and its history.

London attractions also include several theaters in London which are a definite must see while in London. During the day, there are many theaters in London where you can watch the best and most entertaining shows of London. At night, there are also various live theatre performances including musicals, comedy shows, dramatic performances, and other shows. You will surely love every moment of seeing these London attractions during your London travel.

London attractions also include one of the largest aquariums in the world with over 400 different types of marine life. There are also several zoos in London that allow you to visit and get close to various exotic animals. London also has various cultural festivals throughout the year where you can enjoy music, shows, plays and more. These London attractions are also the best places to shop during your London travel.

London is also famous for its history. During the Middle Ages, London was an important city serving as a major trading center between Europe and Asia. Besides trading, London was also an important political and religious center of England. Aside from all these, London has also been a location where a number of royal families lived like Queen Elizabeth, Edward IV, and several others.

London attractions are definitely not only meant for those who want to have fun and enjoy their vacation in London, but for tourists as well. London is a wonderful city that has a lot to offer everyone who visits it. One should not miss out on seeing London attractions while he or she is planning his or her London travel. London attractions are the best ways to make your London trip more unforgettable. London attractions will not only take you to different and amazing places, but you will also experience the timeless beauty of London with its amazing architecture and the historical significance of its people and history.


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