London Attractions to Visit During Your London Trip

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London attractions are among the world’s must-see sights. London, the international capital of England and also the UK, is an advanced 21st-century urban center with an impressive history dating back to Roman days. In its center stand the imposing Houses of Parliament, majestic clock tower, and historic London Abbey, all site of national monarchies. Beyond the Thames River, London’s London Eye observatory wheel offers scenic views of both the South Bank and the Thames River.

London is home to more than one million people, making it the most populated city in all of Europe. London has been a city teeming with human history for nearly one thousand years, and today the city holds many of its greatest landmarks, including the Tower of London, the Globe Theater, Saint Peter’s Cathedral, Hyde Park and the Tower of London. There are numerous London attractions to choose from to help you enjoy your stay in London.

The Tower of London – One of London’s most famous and loved London attractions, The Tower of London retains much of its historic and religious significance. On a circular island atop a huge London lake, visitors can marvel at the many layers of history as they slowly ascend the elevator to the top of the London Eye. The London Eye exhibits London’s skyline from several different angles, allowing visitors to take in the city from any angle. A visitor can also watch the London Eye television series on the large screens located throughout the area. A London sightseeing tour of the London Eye is included in many London attractions packages.

The London Eye is only one of many London tourist attractions that can be reached by taking a London tube ride. For those who prefer a more unique travel experience, a London bus tour is a great alternative. London bus tours allow visitors to get a real feel for London’s history, while experiencing the unique culture of this global metropolis. These London attractions are among the most popular attractions in London and throughout the world. The Sightseeing tour of London offers an excellent opportunity to view some of London’s most striking monuments, including the Tower of London, The Big Ben, The London Eye, The Westminster Abbey, The House of Parliament, The Pride of London, The Princess Diana Memorial Fountain and more.

London’s West End – Along with the Tower of London and The London Eye, one of London’s most popular tourist attractions is the London West End theatre scene. The London West End theater scene features a variety of popular shows, musicals and productions. Some of these popular shows include: All the Way Round, Cats, Love Actually, Hamlet, Notting Hillbillies, Phantom of the Opera, Othello and much more. Other popular shows include Cats, Love Actually, Saturday Night Live, Phantom of the Opera, musicals such as Cats, Love Actually and London Rose. The London West End also offers a large number of pubs and bars for visitors to enjoy a pint or two in. Most of London’s West End attractions are located on the famous London Street known as The Broadway.

The London Eye – One of the most important sights in London, The London Eye is one of London’s most well known tourist attractions. With amazing views across London from the top of the world, The London Eye attracts millions of tourists each year. It is situated on London’s famous River Thames and is served by several different London buses, taxis and commuter rail services. The London Eye is considered to be one of London’s top tourist attractions, in terms of popularity, because of its unmatched views, plus the fact that it’s right in the heart of London itself.

Buckingham Palace – One of the major tourist attractions in London, Buckingham Palace is regarded as one of the best examples of English royalty. Built in the mid- Fifteenth century, Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the Queen of England. The palace is open to the public four times each year and it serves as a center for official ceremonies, tours, speeches and engagements. The museum at the palace contains many artifacts, including one of the largest collections of Queen Elizabeth’s crown jewels. As a result, millions of people from all over the world visit the London eye each year to take in the beautiful scenery and take in the amazing view.

St. Paul’s Cathedral – One of the largest churches in Europe, St. Paul’s Cathedral has been designated as a National monument. This historic church is home to numerous religious figures, as well as politicians, writers, artists and others. Tourists visiting London and traveling through London can take in the breathtaking sunset views from the top of the cathedral. The church was built in the seventeenth century and hosts hundreds of visitors each day who come to witness the beauty and majesty of the cathedral. There is also a theater in the church that shows a movie twice a week. Many tourists plan to spend a few days in London, visiting a few of the London attractions mentioned above before they head back home to their own homes.


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