London Attractions – The Best Places to Visit and Things to See

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London, located in England’s metropolitan area, is an amazing modern city with long historical roots stretching back to ancient Roman times. In its central core are the formidable Houses of Parliament, the imposing Big Ben, and historic landmarks such as Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Lords. Around the Thames River, also known as the Thames Viaduct, the London Eye observatory offers amazing panoramic views across the south bank of the River Thames, and the city’s central business district.

The National Maritime Museum in London is housed inside a magnificent restored river boat that was used by the Royal Navy for many centuries, displaying some of the most important artifacts from Britain’s maritime history, including an original royal navy cutter. This is just one of London’s many exciting sights, which make the city one of the top tourist destinations in Europe.

The city’s lively nightlife is legendary, boasting some of the best in Europe and beyond. One of the city’s most popular attractions is the West End theatre scene, with a host of highly regarded venues ranging from prestigious musicals to mainstream productions to independent theatre and drama.

For those looking to explore other areas of London, there are plenty of sightseeing tours available, as well as family-friendly attractions such as art galleries, museums and libraries. If you’re interested in museums and architecture, you will be delighted to know that London has more than its fair share of museums, both old and modern, offering an insight into the city’s rich heritage.

The London Aquarium and the National Maritime Museum are two popular tourist attractions. These museums, situated in an imposing building on the banks of the Thames River on London’s south bank, offer a taste of life underwater, including a vast tank of tropical fish and other fascinating exhibits. The National Maritime Museum houses many artifacts from ancient and contemporary cultures, and is located in a historic Victorian building.

London’s popular Theatreland is also an excellent place to visit if you want to soak up the liveliness of London during your stay in the city. You can enjoy a gala day out on the London Underground as you make your way through the various attractions.

London is a hub of shopping for all of your holiday shopping needs, with several of the city’s most popular attractions situated within walking distance. The City Centre is the heart of London’s shopping district, with a host of top department stores and boutiques. A number of local and chain stores are also found here, including Marks and Spencer, Debenhams and Sainsbury’s.

The Tate Modern Gallery, an impressive building, features works by some of Britain’s greatest artists, and is located in the City Centre, right on the river. If your budget allows, you can shop on the banks of the river as well, as a host of local shops are found along the banks of this area, including a variety of cafes, restaurants, art galleries, bookstores and more.

The British Museum is another attraction within walking distance of London, as it is home to one of the world’s largest collections of ancient culture. Visitors can also spend time touring the interior of this enormous building, as part of their tour.

For a little more relaxation than just shopping, the West End of London offers a range of different theatres. Theatreland London also houses the Westend, a famous live comedy theater that attracts theatre lovers of all ages.

London’s Hyde Park, which is also known as Knightsbridge, is one of the city’s best-preserved and most visited parks. If you are seeking a more tranquil experience, you can take a walk down the River Thames in a boat on the River Thames Walk, where you can admire the magnificent view of the city from the water. There you will also find a wide selection of places to eat, as well as bars and cafes.

London attractions are all fun to see and experience, and all offer something to thrill and delight you when you visit this charming city. While you are in London, you should plan to visit all the different places mentioned above and more, as you will have fun every step of the way.


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