London Attractions – Getting Familiar With London’s Best

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London attractions are in abundance when you visit London, the largest city in the world. London has been an ever growing cosmopolitan city ever since it was first settled by people from Ireland in 10 awa. London has many historical sites, museums, monuments, art galleries and gardens that are worth exploring. Below is a list of London attractions and London Travel Tips.

London’s Tower of London: The Tower of London is among the best London attractions. It is considered one of the best museums in the world. Inside the Tower are ancient treasures including golden nuggets of earthenware, silver jeweleries, precious and semiprecious stones, and other artifacts dating from centuries in the past. There are London tour packages available to explore the royal treasures. A virtual tour is also available to see the treasures up close.

Kensington Garden and Buckingham Palace: Among the best London attractions, Kensington Garden and Buckingham Palace are regarded as two of the most famous gardens in the world. Located on the south side of London, in west London opposite Hyde Park is the ornate Kensington Palace, an example of Elizabethan architecture. Built between 1460 and 1700, this palace is one of the finest examples of the age-old French court styling. A guided London tour allows you to see the different parts of this palace, including the famous crown gardens and the Gothic statue of “Duchesses Anne.”

Hyde Park and London Aquarium: London Aquarium is among the London attractions that cannot be missed. In the Hyde Park, you will find an animal sanctuary where you can see various marine animals in their natural habitat. At the London Aquarium, you get directions to the exhibits and learn more about the different creatures in London. This is a great learning experience for children and adults alike.

London’s West End Theatre: There are a number of London attractions in this historic area. Theatres like The London Center theater, Kew Gardens, and the Londoniard Theatre are among the popular London attractions. Also, visit The London Eye, billed as the tallest Ferris wheel in all of Europe. You will definitely want to see the London tower clock, also known as the Big Ben, which is situated at the top of the London Eye. These London attractions are the perfect way to spend a day, as well as a good excuse to take along your family on a London tourist attractions vacation.

London’s Tower of London: No visit to London is complete without a visit to the Tower of London. This iconic landmark attracts thousands of tourists each year. Among the most popular London attractions within the Tower of London are the crowns, thrones, gates, and guards. To get a closer look at the treasures that dot the facade of the London Eye, it is best to go to a London tourist attractions London Pass. London Passes for London attractions give visitors unlimited access to the buildings and grounds of the London Eye.

London’s River Thames: London hosts a number of important London attractions on its beautiful River Thames. A few of the London attractions near the Thames include Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, Shakespeare’s birthplace, Shakespeare’s Southwark home, Saint Peter’s Cathedral, and Westminster Abbey. To make sure you don’t miss out on any of London’s London attractions on the River Thames, it is best to purchase London Passes for London attractions. London Passes for London attractions allow you to visit any London attraction inside the River Thames for one fixed price.

London’s royal doorstep: While the heart of London is centered around the famous London Eye, there are numerous other must-see locations in London. Among the top London attractions within a walking distance from the London Eye are the Buckingham Palace, the House of Parliament, and St. Paul’s Cathedral. The location of the Palace is perfect for all London attractions because it is situated between the Bond Street and Oxford Street London. The location of the House of Parliament is ideal for those who want to be close to the historic residence of Queen Elizabeth II. For more shopping excitement, visit Harrods and Marks & Spencer. Harrods is the place to be for the exclusive and authentic designer and London fashion.


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