London Attractions

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London attractions

London Attractions

London attractions are some of the world’s famous landmarks. These attractions are visited by millions of tourists and people from every country in the world. In fact, London attracts more people each year. Some of the London attractions include:

London, England’s capital and a major city, is a modern urban center with an impressive history dating back to Roman days. In its center stand the magnificent imposing Houses of Parliament, The London Eye observation wheel, and London’s famous Tower Bridge, all of which were destroyed in the Great Fire of London in 1658. Today, London attractions are visited by nearly 1,000 visitors from around the world.

London’s most popular attraction, The London Eye, is located on the south bank of the Thames River. It offers a bird’s eye view of London and offers a guided tour of the city’s landmarks, including The Tower of London and The London Zoo. The London eye tower is more than three stories high, with stunning views of London’s skyline and The London Eye Aquarium. The London eye’s tower is home to two million balls or trinkets that have been suspended from the ceiling in various positions. It is also home to London’s Science Museum.

Another of London attractions is The London Aquarium, which is located in South London, near the London bridge. It is one of London’s largest aquariums. Here you will see all kinds of marine animals and exotic plants. There are almost one hundred thousand fish, as well as hundreds of different marine reptiles and amphibians.

London’s West End is packed with a variety of London tourist attractions such as Covent Garden and The London Eye. One of the most visited London attractions is the Buckingham Palace, which is near the heart of London. It is home to the queen and is the official residence of The British Raj. Buckingham Palace is also home to a London tower, The London Eye, as well as a bus station, a theater and The London Millennium Ride.

London’s South Bank is another of London attractions. This area of London is home to a number of museums and galleries. Some of the must see South Bank attractions include The London Eye, Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, The National Gallery, The British Museum and The National Portrait Gallery. The London Aquarium is also located in South Bank, near the London Eye. Among London attractions in South Bank are The London Zoo, Regent’s Park and The Natural History Museum.

The London Eye is London’s largest tourist attraction and is known for bringing people from all over the world to see this beautiful London landmark. The London Eye is also home to a theater, hotel and shopping center. Other London attractions in the London eye include the London eye plane, The London bridge rides, a tramway ride and The London tube. There are a number of other tourist attractions including a boat cruise on the River Thames, a visit to Buckingham Palace and a trip to the London zoo. A nice characteristic about the London attractions is that they have something for every taste and interest.

London’s River Thames offers many London attractions that will appeal to visitors who enjoy the nightlife. One of London’s most famous public parks is Hyde Park and it is one of London’s most popular parks. Hyde park is also home to two renowned Shakespeare plays, Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and a proposed third play by him called The London Empire. Other London attractions on the River Thames include the Elephant and Castle in Hyde Park, the National Maritime Museum and London’s Kings Cross station. There are also numerous trips that take visitors to various London sights.


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