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London attractions come in many forms, all of them fascinating and enjoyable. London is a modern metropolitan city located in England’s South East, surrounded by the River Thames. London’s population constitutes over seven million people, making it the world’s most populated city. The city is home to some of the world’s best museums, galleries, public spaces and landmarks. It is also one of the most technologically advanced and lively cities in the world.

London attractions comprise of a mixture of sites all related to London’s history, from the ancient architectural attractions like the British Museum, the Natural History Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum to more recent sites like the London Eye, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey. To get an amazing view of London’s skyline, London’s tallest buildings are the London towers, tallest in all of Europe. In addition to the traditional architecture of British buildings, there are modern skyscrapers that dot the landscape. These London attractions are great places for tourists to take in the sights while taking in the culture and lifestyle of London.

London is home to some of the most famous and popular museums and galleries in the world. The British Museum is among the finest collections of art in the world, featuring a diversity of genres and periods of art, including Egyptian art, Georgian, Victorian and Gothic styles. Other London attractions include the National Gallery, which houses a collection of British literature; the National Portrait Gallery, which display British portrait paintings; the Tate Britain, which houses a great collection of British paintings; the London Zoo and a number of zoo organizations. London attractions also include a variety of theatrical and other performance venues. The London stage includes the West End theatre districts and several theatres around the city.

One of London’s most iconic landmarks and tourist attractions is the London Tower. Designed by architect John James Audubon, the London Tower is among the tallest buildings in all of Europe. The London Tower is also home to the Science Museum, where one can learn more about the Earth and space flight, among other notable topics. Other London attractions include the Hyde Park, the London Aquarium, the London Zoo, and a slate quarry located within the London Castle.

A must-see location on any London tour or vacation is the London eye, also known as the Millennium wheel, which is one of the largest Ferris wheels in the world. Tourists and visitors to London will find great enjoyment riding on the London eye, which can reach the world’s top attractions such as the London Eye, London’s Buckingham Palace and London’s Kensington Garden among others. The London Eye can be reached by London’s metro, buses and taxis. London attractions that are located within walking distance of the London eye include the London Museum and Art Gallery, The London Dungeon, and The London Zoo.

Another great attraction and location within London are the London’s Big Ben, which serves as the pride of London. Founded in 16atory in 1690, the London Big Ben is one of the oldest buildings in all of Europe. The London attractions that can be found within the vicinity of the London Big Ben are London bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey and The London Castle. Some of the best London attractions include The London Eye, The British Museum, The House of Parliament and The Tower of London.

If visitors want to see the beauty of London while at the same time experience London’s history and culture, they may want to visit the London Historic Museums. Some of the popular London tourist attractions within walking distance of London’s historic monuments are The London Eye, Westminster Abbey and The London Castle. In addition to these popular London attractions, there are many lesser-known London tourist attractions that include The Ritz Hotel, The Old Bailey, The National Gallery, Piccadilly Circus and even Buckingham Palace. London can also be experienced by taking a river boat cruise on the River Thames.

London is the capital city of England. When visiting this exciting city, it is important to get directions to London. London attractions are varied and there is something for everyone. Visitors have a wide array of options when choosing to see London, including London sightseeing tours, London dinner cruises, London theatre tickets or shows and much more. Regardless of which attractions visitors choose to see while in London, they will enjoy their stay in the city and will leave with lots of fond memories.


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