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Big Ben was the epitome of elegance in a time before the automobile and automobiles were invented. It was the defining landmark of London, and its remains, with some modifications over the years, are the main attractions in London.

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The origins of the arch can be traced back to the history of the city’s history. During the reign of Henry VIII, he began excavating the foundations of what is now the Temple of Solomon, which was located on Temple Street.

He wanted to turn the area into a royal palace for himself and his queen, Anne Boleyn. So during the excavation, as part of the building process, he dumped tons of rubble. Some of this rubble formed a hole in the middle of the pavement, and when it was lifted later it revealed the foundations of the castle, known as the king’s Theatre.

Later, while the works on the building were still being completed, Lord Mayor Henry IV decided to be more frugal, and simply left the ruins in place. He allowed only small slabs of stone to be excavated to reveal the Castle, and so when the time came to repair the structures, the majority of the stone was removed from the ground, leaving a hole in the middle.

Today, visitors to London may see an arch that is for the most part free of rubble, but the level of the arch is only around ten feet above the original ground level. Nevertheless, it still stands as a spectacular monument.

The story of how the church was built can be traced back to the first grand duke of Buckingham, the one who proclaimed himself King Henry VIII’s heir. He wanted to build a magnificent new cathedral in the newly conquered lands, and so began the construction of the Windsor Castle, which has become a favorite spot for tourists and royalty alike.

Today, the church is a popular place for English royalty to visit, and its main entrance is lined with picturesque scenes of England’s past. A couple hundred miles away, one may also go see the magnificent Queen Victoria Memorial at Windsor Castle. This monument commemorates the birth of Britain’s monarch.

Big Ben is situated near the Houses of Parliament, so if you like history, architecture, and the future of your country, London might be the place for you. If you have never been to London, you really should check out the sights that are on offer, as there is something for everyone.

For the visitor who enjoys gardens, the London Garden is an ideal spot to visit. It is decorated with trees, shrubs, flowers, plants, and it is considered to be one of the best in the city.

The Thames is also lined with great wintertime, and when the sun shines bright it is certainly one of the most beautiful stretches of water you will ever see. There are museums, parks, shopping districts, and any number of fun activities to enjoy here.

All these places will help make your trip to London not only memorable but exciting as well. Make sure you pack your best shoes, and enjoy London!


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